The NRN­NCC­SWEDEN was established on 30 August 2009. Non­resident Nepalese from different walks­of­life living in the SWEDEN, the advisor, representatives and observersYadav Koirala (Nepali Embassy Denmark), Ganesh Dhakal ICC and Som Nath Sapkota President NRNA,Denmark were present at the inception of NRN­NCC­SWEDEN. In That meeting has been designated specific task division. The meeting built an adhoc committee President by Nabin Thapaliya.

It is estimated that today more than 3 million Nepalese reside abroad. Nepalese expatriates come from all walks­of­life: academics, businessmen, doctors, scientists, professionals, and unskilled labourers.

NRN­NCC automatically qualifies for the membership of the NRN­ICC. However, each NRN-NCC has to address two types of issues: (i) issues that are local to the country of residence and appear more relevant to the NRN residing in that country, and (ii) issues that are global in nature that affect the rights and well­being of NRN globally. As an example of local issue, reforms of labour laws may be extremely pertinent for the NRN in the Gulf States than those residing in the Western Europe or the USA. On the other hand, issues of dual nationality and the provisions for NRN investments in Nepal are examples of global issues. Thus, while it is very important to have a cohesive NRN­ICC,each NRN­NCC must be fully autonomous.

Following the establishment of NRN­ICC, in Kathmandu in 2003, Nepalese residing in different countries across the globe have constituted their respective NRN national co­ordination council (NRN­NCC) in progression. The NRN­NCCs have been constituted in 74 countries so far.